I. Wide Dissemination of Mobilized Knowledge & Enhanced Public Discourse: This research group will regularly mobilize and disseminate research and enhance public discourse related to biopolitics. In the first year, we have organized a two-day workshop, keynote lecture, lecture for graduate students, and one-day graduate student conference called “The Politics of Life: Rethinking Resistance in the Biopolitical Economy” (March 2-4, 2017).


II. Enhance International Research Networks: This research will work to enhance international research networks. For instance, we intend to use the event to solidify our role as the Canadian branch of our recently establish international research network “Workiteph: Network on Italian Thought and European Philosophies.”


III. Provide Quality Training & Mentoring for Students: We are committed to providing undergraduate and graduate students with high quality training and mentoring. The funding we have obtained this year will be used to support our commitment to making the event accessible and open, as well as providing students with the unique opportunity to experience a number of different facets of scholarly activity. In the longer term, we hope the formalization of our group and research connections will provide even more opportunities for students.


IV. Enhanced Operational Strategies: We intend to continue to seek funding to secure the research group’s position at Wilfrid Laurier University and cultivate its international network. To these ends, we will apply for funding from local, national, and international resources.